Amanda Brown, CEO

The Resin Collection is a creative agency with a focus on contemporary art, brand collaborations, and all the cool things.


The CEO, Amanda Brown, launched The Resin Collection after many years representing contemporary painters in New York City and finding that "white walls" were just too typical for her. Thus, she was on a quest to innovate and modernize the way art is exhibited utilizing the power of lighting and various methods of display to showcase art as though it were floating in the room. This mindset has brought forth new endeavors concentrated on a totally immersive experience at unique destinations around the world.


The Resin Collection name was born out of a collection of solid resin frames, custom made in Los Angeles and designed by the CEO herself.


Attention to detail is key in all The Resin Collection stands for; pushing the boundaries to curate unforgettable events is The Resin Collection's future.